History of Greek Wineries

The History and revolution of Greek Wineries in the new era

The history of Greek wine and Greek wineries is quite interesting. Greece has the longest wine tradition in the world, dating back 6500 years. There is evidence, mainly in Crete, suggesting wine production and crushing of grapes since that era.

During ancient times, Greek wine was considered a luxurious product and had high value in the common trade.

Nothing changed during the following centuries, resulting in the spread of wine growing throughout the known world.


Unfortunately, the period between the collapse of the Byzantine empire in 1453 and the Greek revolution in 1821, was devastating for the Greek wine, resulting almost in the complete extinction of many indigenous grape varieties, some of which were saved by pure luck.

In the mid-20th century, many efforts were made to protect our wine history and grape varieties, which resulted in the first appellation in the early 70s.

Since then Greek Wineries have increased exponentially to over one thousand in 2019.


Greece has, nowadays, many small boutique wineries all over the country, producing high quality wines. Most important, we witness the efforts of Greek wineries to protect and promote the indigenous grape varieties.

Apart from the wine making process, wine makers are eager to promote their products through wine tourism, resulting in the refurbishment of their wineries in order to be certified from the ministry of tourism.

With a smile in their faces they welcome all wine lovers introducing the best Greece has to offer; our famous Greek hospitality.